Kokonaisorgaaninen halogeenianalysaattori (TOX)

TOX-300 Kokonaisorgaaninen halogeenianalysaattori (TOX)

Cost effective solution for environmental analysis. Matrix independent soot free combution program. Improved lower measuring limit.

High-Speed Analysis using the Auto Boat Controller
Measurement is perfromed automatically in 6 to 12 minute simply by placing a sample boat and starting measurement. Since the sample boat inlet box is provided with a cooling function (electronic cooling), the boat can be cooled in a short period of time for faster repetitive measurement.

Application – Oriented System Configuration
The user of various options according the particular sample make it possible to construct a system that precisely matches the application.

Matrix Independent, unique songle program for all samples.
Secure combution Program (SCP) enables ideal pyrolysis of substances in sample.

Advanced datebse software and the reputed coulometry method allow measurement of chloride and sulfer content in solid, liquid and gaseous samples down to the ppm level – to be fully utilized at various plants.
(Conforms to US EPA9020B, 9021, 9076, ISO9562, 11480, DIN38414-17, 18 etc.).