GT-310 automaattinen titraattori

High-precision titration automatic buret and the new titration control method enables accurate titration. Up to four units can be connected and measured simultaneously.

World´s Leading High Performance Moisture Meter

  • Standalone system supporting data integrity reguirements
  • Precise injection volume control
  • Barcode reading from reagent bottle
  • End point detection
  • Reanalysis functions
  • Wireless connection
  • Automatic SOP editorial support
  • Up to 4-channels measurement simultaneously
  • Ph calibration
  • LIMS support
  • 8.4 inch color LCD touch screen


Various types of options are available:
Vaporizers: VA-300 (New), VA-200, VA-210, VA-230, VA-121, VA-122, VG-200 and VA-236S
Options: Barcode reader for Karl Fischer Reagent, Battery unit, Foot switch, Optical start switch, Reagent exchange unit, Thermal / Impact printers, etc.


  • 4-channels titration
    • Combination of up to 4 potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators can be connected in one Multi-controller with simultaneous measurements.
  • Automatic pH calibration
    • Equipped with automatic stability judgement function. Automation from pH calibration to sample measurement is possible when using MST
  • Reanalysis function
    • Reanalysis to change end point detection is now possible.
      Inflection point ⇔ set potential ⇔ front intersection ⇔ rear intersection ⇔ V intersection
  • LIMS connection
    • Multi-controller transfers measuring data automatically to the network simultaneously
  • Data Integrity
    • GT-310 with integrated data integrity feature, comes with strong and smart support for data protection and management without a dedicated PC. Audit trail function is provided as an option in the data integrity version of the GT-310 software.




  • Type of titration – Potentiometric titration (acid-base, redox, chelatometric, precipitation) polarization and conductivity titration (optional)
  • Detection range – pH: 0~14 (2000mV to +2000mV)
  • End point detection – Test titration, General titration, Petroleum neutralization value-official method/conventional method, etc
  • Number of files – Sample name: 99 cases, Blank value: 99 cases, Factor: 99 events,etc
  • Buret accuracy – 20ml ± 0.02ml
  • Resulation / Minimum drip rate – 0.001 ml
  • Number of stored data – 9999 cases
  • GLP compliant function – Validation (electrode inspection, injection volume inspection, measurement inspection), history display of pH calibration, user registration function with password,
  • Dimension and weight
    • MC: Approx. 245(W) x 160(D) x 215(H) mm                                   STR: Approx. 110(W) x 165(D) x 415(H) mm  5.5kg                       BRT: Approx. 127(W) x 378(D) x 260(H) mm  1.2kg