Kaasukromatografia (GC)

GC 2400 kaasugromatografi

Designed to address the needs for remote control, simplified and sustainable operations of analytical laboratories, the PerkinElmer GC 2400 System provides an innovative user experience with information on the go for effective and faster decision-making and advanced system capabilities for maximized productivity, thanks to reduced technology adoption costs and features supporting sustainability.

The innovative PerkinElmer GC 2400 Gas Chromatography System allows customers to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency. Designed to address modern analytical lab productivity, the GC 2400 System offers detachable touchscreen combined with smart sampling capabilities for faster decision making, in and outside the lab.

A new user interface collates and provides live status information on the different configured GC accessories like the PerkinElmer HS 2400 M Headspace Sampler using a single display. Managed by PerkinElmer SimplicityChrom Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software, the GC 2400 System becomes integral part of a comprehensive GC workflow.

Whether the application is industrial, environmental, pharmaceutical or in food and beverage, the GC 2400 System can help labs exceed their productivity and performance goals, delivering accurate results.


  • Detachable touchscreen for real-time status notification
  • Programmable LEDs and sounds for immediate assessment of system status
  • Smart sampling capabilities allowing adaptation to throughput needs
  • User-replaceable detectors to allow application flexibility
  • Hydrogen sensor for safety and sustainability


PerkinElmer AS 2400 Liquid Sampler:

  • Variety of syringes from 0.5 uL to 50 uL
  • Small (20 vial) tray and large (144 vial) tray options for maximum productivity
  • Plug-and-play driving uptime and growing with labs’ needs for productivity


GC 2400 Detectors
The GC 2400 System can support up to three detectors plus mass spectrometer. Detectors can be easily interchanged, and they are self-configurable:

  • flame ionization detector (FID)
  • electron capture detector (ECD)
  • and/or single quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS 2400 SQ)




GC kulutustarvike- ja varaosa katalogi
PerkinElmer kaasukromatografian kulutus- ja varaosakatalogi

PerkinElmer is committed to providing reliable consumables that support chromatographers across the globe.  We supported the growth of chromatography into the wide-spread technique it has become, and we’re still here serving separation scientists today.  From columns to spare parts, PerkinElmer can keep your instruments running well into the future.