Orgaaninen halogeenianalysaattori (AOX)

Automaattinen orgaaninen halogeenianalysaattori

The combination of open top furnace concept and automatic gas control makes AOX-400 unique in the market of environmental analysis. With this particularly feature combination, AOX-400 manages the tough challenge to deal on the one hand with soluble AOX samples and on the other hand with liquid EOX samples effortlessnessly.

  • High throughtput – 30% faster than previous models
  • Flexible 3-injection mode – Three valuable measurement modes and easy switching
  • Easy maintenance – The unique turntable slide, open top furnace, and new pyrolysis tube structure
  • Space saving – The small 46 x 42 cm footprint
  • Software – Easy-to-use navigation bar and intuitive shortcut buttons for user friendly operation



The screening of AOX sum parameter is quite important to assess the quality of water, sludge or soil for contamination by organic halides (chlorine, bromine, iodine) which are adsorbed to activated carbon. Possible toxic effect from AOX on humans, animals, plants and microorganisms can be prevented by monitoring with AOX-400.